BALANCE for Moms Online Course

BALANCE for Moms Online Course

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If you're frustrated, tired, and feeling like returning to work will be impossible, fear not. BALANCE was created to solve a big problem -- to eliminate the shock and hardship of returning to work after having a baby.

This is a seven week, seven part course which breaks down each component of BALANCE:

B: Back to Work Shock and Anxiety

A: Asking for Assistance

L: Lowering Expectations to Reality

A: Adjusting your Perception

N: No to Guilt and Negative Drains

C: Consciously Choosing Connections

E: Empowering through Example

Each workshop takes place online at a set time, or you may watch the recording of the workshop. Each topic has an associated workbook so that you can apply the concepts to your own life. This course includes:

  • 7 Live Workshops where you’ll learn practical tools to help you

  • Unlimited access to your leader, Amy Landry, founder of Diapers to Desk

  • 7 Workbooks to understand and apply the new concepts you’ll learn

  • A Stress Journal to assess and manage the stressors life will inevitably throw your way

  • Resources such as a 10 Day Back to Work After Baby Guide