Courses for Parents:

Before, During, and After Parental Leave

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Before Parental Leave: Setting Expectations

This resource is is designed for professionals who are thinking of growing their family, or are already planning for the arrival of their newest member, and are planning their parental leave.

You’ll Receive:

  • One Before Parental Leave self-paced e-course

  • A template for breaking the big news to your supervisor and team

  • A checklist to help you plan for your parental leave

  • Resources to support you before the arrival of your child


During Parental Leave: Return to Work With Confidence

This resource is designed for professionals that are nearing the end of their parental leave.  

You’ll Receive:

  • One Back to Work self-paced e-course

  • The First 10 Days Back to Work Success Guide; a resource designed to equip new parents with the confidence, support, and information needed when returning from parental leave-including sample pumping schedules and other tangible information for parents

  • Overview of breastfeeding and pumping best practices from a Certified Lactation Consultant


After Parental Leave and Beyond:

Parental Leave Reintegration E-Course Series

This resource is designed for professional working parents that need help navigating the balance of a career and children. It addresses work life balance and give tools for assertive communication, stress management, expectation management, and empowers participants.

You’ll receive:

  • A seven part online course, broken into convenient 30 minute video recordings

  • A comprehensive, interactive workbook filled with information, motivation, and handouts to help you apply the concepts you’ve learned

  • Access to a private Facebook group to find camaraderie and support from other working parents