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Balance Maternity Reintegration Program

This resource is designed for professional working mothers that need help navigating the balance of a career and children. It addresses work life balance and give tools for assertive communication, stress management, expectation management, and empowers participants.

You’ll receive:

  • A seven part online course

  • Interactive workbooks to apply the concepts you’ve learned

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Back to Work E-Course

This resource is designed for professional women that are nearing the end of their parental leave.  Includes:

  • One Back to Work self-paced e-course

  • Participants will receive a 10 Days Back to Work Success Guide; a resource designed to equip new moms with confidence and support needed when returning from maternity leave

  • Gain some great tips and feel in control with our custom built planning template for your first ten day back to work

  • Overview of breastfeeding and pumping best practices


Balance E-Course and MBTI Stress Management Assessment

This is a self-paced online course to help new mothers develop balance in career and parenthood. You’ll also receive a personalized 1 Hour Course, training workshop covers Stress Impact Report.

Participants receive a Personal Impact® Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment administered by a Certified MBTI® practitioner that identifies how their unique personality type deals with change, stress, communication, decision making and more.