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Balance for Moms

  • A new or soon to be mother? 

  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed?

  • Worried about going back to work?

  • Feeling frustrated when trying to do it all?


Diapers to Desk presents BALANCE, a course for new mothers returning to work after parental leave

  • 7 Part BALANCE Resources Program: In this reintegration program, participants will build powerful foundations for managing stress, communicating needs, and juggling responsibilities. We will capitalize on this connection that everyone is in the same boat at the same time having many of the same experiences.

  • Each week, participants will receive a new module with a focused topic, support tools, reflective self-exercises, and access to a private Facebook group... all to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

  • The program addresses back to work shock, fears and anxieties about returning to work and ultimately how to be present. We give tools to accurately identify needs and assertively communicate them before getting over-whelmed and wanting to quit. We focus on reducing stress by helping participants to set realistic expectations and adjust perceptions. We talk about positivity and how to eliminate negative feelings of guilt and doubt. We educate on the importance of choosing connections, and we leave new mothers with the power of empowering your child through your example.



As an attorney, I have always placed a high value on maintaining a strong work ethic and high productivity, often working long hours to meet my billable requirements and to produce good work product for my clients. I knew that going back to work after having my first baby would not be easy, but it was far more physically and emotionally difficult than I anticipated. I underestimated how much my work would be affected by the physical demands of nursing and lack of sleep, and before long, I started to feel very discouraged—both as a mother and as an attorney—and struggled for months while feeling like I just couldn’t ‘have it all.’ I have been instrumental with my feedback to help grow Juno Work Balance as I have seen too many women leave careers because of the stress of managing both. I am using Juno Work Balance for this return to work and it has made a complete difference.
— Current BALANCE Client