Informal Breastfeeding Support at Work: The “Good” Stories about Bosses and Co-Workers

We’ve all heard the “bad” and the “ugly” stories about breastfeeding and work—women pumping in cars and closets, getting walked in on topless (please knock!), or having someone accidentally throw out your breast milk when they clean the communal fridge (why?!). It can be easy to get bogged down by these types of workplace stories. However, the good stories are just as important to share—and they’re more plentiful than you may think. Over the past six years, Dr. Katherine Johnson and her student research assistants have heard a lot of good stories from Louisiana women (as well as bad and ugly ones…) through her Working & Nursing Study.  Here are a few examples of how bosses and coworkers have helped out breastfeeding employees.

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Dr. Katie Johnson