The Birth of a Business

The last four and a half years of championing a better, more supported workplace culture for working parents has been quite the journey.

I have had tireless conversations passionately advocating for change.

I have had a very supportive friend who told me she was scared to ask her boss to come to my training program because she didn’t want to be viewed as ‘motherly’ in her male-dominated, fiercely competitive company.  

I have been told my training program was too progressive for a high profile law firm since the company didn't even pay for maternity leave.

I have been told by a CEO to contact HR instead of him because they deal with problems like women leaving the workforce and pregnant employees.

When I have wanted to quit and throw in the towel, somehow, a window opens.

The window I found last year came when we had the opportunity to present the business case of maternity reintegration to the leadership team at Shell Oil & Gas in New Orleans. This opportunity has skyrocketed our passion and has inspired so many more companies to take notice and seek solutions.

Today, the BALANCE program has morphed into its own entire training brand, Diapers to Desk, with its own identity, is growing into BALANCE and Diversity & Inclusion corporate education for leaders, online courses in October, and a community program with Touro Infirmary.

The encouraging people that I have met on this journey have given me such momentum to continue my original passion and plea. I have been inspired me to keep going to create a culture change that is truly evolved to allow all employees, especially parents, the BALANCE that each of us yearns for and deserve to be our best selves.

Thank you for your support and I invite you along this journey!