Our Vision

To be the go-to resource on work-life balance for both companies and parents. To offer true support and successfully reengage new mothers back to the workforce from maternity leave. 

Our Values



We believe it is our responsibility to shatter the image that women cannot have it all. We believe it is our responsibility to provide ‘balance’ to working mothers and change company culture for employers to provide true work life balance.



We encourage and support women to be the best moms, businesswomen, wives, friends…and all that they can be….

Most importantly, we encourage women to be kind to themselves first and foremost. The belief starts with the individual.



We work to support the truth that motherhood is extremely hard and working mothers have many obstacles to overcome and companies can work to change culture.


Our Mission

We exist to provide proven success strategies, solid support tools, and serve as trusted resources to reengage professional women transitioning back to work from maternity leave. 

We aim to change culture and educate employers on the benefits of maternity coaching, flexible work arrangements, work life balance training, and culture changes with the intent to reduce turnover, increase employee engagement, and boost overall bottom line.



Our Story

We recognize that women have been declining in the workforce since 1999. We believe that mothers play an incredible role in growing the future generation and a vital role in today’s workforce. Yet we know many new working mothers feel overwhelmed balancing childcare and career. This does lead to great stress, inevitable burnout, and women not living up to true potential. We believe that dedicated focus to keep mothers working and motivated is needed and a true culture change for companies that want to keep top talent.